Who are we ?

Valérie Landemarre, is a quantum therapist, geobiophysicist and coach trainer for more than 20 years.

She has been trained for 30 years in multiple techniques: geobiophysics, astrology, kinesiology, Buddhism, shamanism, energetics, mindfulness, coaching, NLP, ...

Valérie has made her passion, personal development, her profession. The results obtained and the satisfaction of her clients are significant, but this is not what led her to create Au fil du JE.

Our history

It's the story of an inspiration !

The story begins in 2016 with an idea that came from afar, an idea that was inspired to him one summer day when he was pushed to make a diversion by car.

The idea had inspired her, and she was delighted with it, and then everything had to be done.

Basically, Valérie is not a game designer, however, with her experience and passion for creation, she undertook a new adventure, that of the game Au fil du JE : she designed all the dynamics and all the cards.

The rest of the story was therefore written with the creation and finalisation of the board game Au fil du JE, a new personal development game.

Because, yes, she started working at the stake, it was long but exciting, both in time of reflection and design, and she loved doing all this work.

Then came the moment of illustration and graphic design: on these 2 points it was more laborious, it was done, put in the trash because it was unprintable, redone and redone again.

And in 4 years, she has always taken up the challenge, has always gone to the end of resistance. So today it is with immense joy that she makes you discover Au fil du JE, the most elaborate game in this field : it goes beyond a lighting, it allows to untie, to release the brakes, blockages, ... unconscious for any question, project, ... in order to open to new perspectives and new choices. This is a first. And it can be played alone as well as with family, friends or colleagues. This is the story of Au fil du JE, a creation that corresponds to its mission.

Our Mission Statement

"That everyone can unblock all the stresses, blockages, obstacles … physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, on one subject or another of his personal or professional life".

Valérie created Au fil du JE with these objectives in mind and to promote well-being, in the private sphere or at work.

For more information :
Therapy website : www.abracadabraquantique.com
Training website : www.votreformation.fr

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