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A game of ''self coach, therapist''.

Au fil du JE is the most successful personal development game to date. It is played with family, friends and colleagues, from 1 to 8 people.

It is presented in the format of a board game with a board and 4 sets of cards where 1 game is equal to the exploration of 1 topic/situation.

All the cards and the design of the game were created by Valérie Landemarre, a quantum therapist and trainer-coach for over 20 years.



A game where you work on your personal or professional life objectives but above all a fun and friendly game. Alone, with family, friends or colleagues, at a party, a workshop, in an association, school, company or community, every day or from time to time, every opportunity is good to play it !


Cards made by a holistic therapist who has been practicing for over 20 years. The techniques covered are proven techniques : ocular and digital modes, brain gym, vizualisation, coaching, ... They allow for a better well-being and the unblocking of obstacles on each of the games played. Everyone knows, senses, feels the efficiency: the eyes pull, we yawn, etc ... each one having its own system of liberation.


For all themes and for everyone, beginners or experienced in personal development. No need to work on yourself for years, each person walks at his own pace and especially at the rhythm of the cards drawn at random ... it is said that chance does not exist! Each exercise is detailed, colourful and easy to do even if it requires precision : easy but very effective. When playing in a group, everyone is also supported by the benevolent help of the co-coaches : each round is also an opportunity for mirror effects and sharing.


Each player defines his or her objective at the beginning of the game, is centred on this objective and follows it throughout the game. At the end of the game, a synthesis allows the positive elements that have been taken out to be re-established, then the player finalises the game by setting himself concrete actions.

Engaged / Responsible

Each player is invested in the game and above all in the subject they wish to explore during the game. He is focused on his project, he does the exercises with involvement. They unravel, they free up for a better well-being and/or for the achievement of their objectives.


Au fil du JE is the result of a long phase of thinking, design, illustration and graphics. Au fil du JE offers you a new way to play and work on a blocking subject. Also, I won't stop innovating in order to offer you more and more surprising and efficient games ...

A game of ''self coach, therapist''.

Enter the world of unblocking blocks with the game Au fil du JE !

Carry out your releases alone or in a team, worthy of a "coach or therapist" :
You are the master of your story, become the most skilled at lifting them. Thanks to the cards : express challenges, coaching, openness, healing !
And to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual exercises.

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Au fil du JE ®

Start unblocking your stress, tensions, locks now

Initial price : 140 euros including tax / Launch price : 89 euros including tax

Au fil du JE ®

Play, unlock, release with the game Au fil du JE from 1 to 8 players.

So who will be the quickest to remove the blockages in his project, question or problem ?

Contents of the box : 1 game board, 300 cards, 3 summary cards, 1 book (game rules and annexes), 8 counters, 3 dice, a personal path.


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The designer

Valérie Landemarre 

” Après 30 ans d’expérience de thérapie, développement personnel, coaching, énergétique, spiritualité, quantique, … j’ai reçu une inspiration il y a 4 ans : l’idée du jeu m’a été montrée. J’ai alors décidé de me lancer un tout nouveau défi, celui :

 - to make access to personal development, wellness, fun and above all accessible to all, and
- to share with you my passion for this subject.


While we talk about wellness, therapy, coaching, personal development: everything is ok, the game encompasses all these concepts".

For more information :

Quantum Therapy website : www.abracadabraquantique.com

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